6 thing you need to start recording today

This post is here to list everything you need to get started recording and making your own music from the technical side

And I hope it answers a question I get asked a lot witch is how do I get started, what do I  need to get started to making music and recording

With the advance of technology we have come a long way from the days of tape (a personal love of mine, its what I was trained in) and having to rent out a expensive recording facility or preproduction facility just to record. Since then pretty much anyone can record themselves in the comfort of there own home with some few basic things and chances are if you reading this you already have one or two if not all you need to get started

Here are a few things I listed that you will need to get started

1 computer

you will need a computer mac or pc doesn’t matter just check you computers compatibility with witch ever DAW you going to use witch bring us to number two on our list

2 DAW/ D.A.W

DAW/D.A.W stands for digital audio workstation and is what you will be working in to make your music and recording in. there are many DAW’s I personally use protools. Pick one and get to know it well. The better you know you DAW the fast and more fun the creations process will be

3 Soundcard

the soundcard is a nice tool to have if you want to step your game up a little bit more and start recording mics, line level instruments ext choice a sound card based on your budget and you preference try out a few the this is where we can start to hear the differences in sound quality. Taking the time to trying out the and listen to the different models on the market can go a long way and save you bucks for some years to come.

4 Headphones/ Monitors

you will need some ways  of listening to what you are doing and this is one thing often over looked by many people but in my mind one of the most important aspects of the studios. Good monitors is how you hear what is really going on in the mix and as a mix engineer this is really important to me the more transparent the monitors the better I can do my job that’s why I am often very fussy when buying a new pair of monitors and will often listen to the monitors several times before I buy this is another one of those things that is preference but is super important to mix and vibe the same goes for headphones

5 Microphone

Once you have a sound card and you say want to lay down some vocals you will need a microphone to record I recommend a large diaphragm condenser there are more types out the but if you are starting out as a first mic, condenser is a good choice just remember with condenser microphone you need 48v phantom power witch should come stander with your soundcard

6 Microphone Stand

unless you want to be holding up the microphone while you are recording you will need to get a microphone stand

7 Pop shield (bonus)

With music recording techniques having brought the vocal closer to the microphone pop shields are a good way to control plosives. those happen most on your P’s and B’s when you air pushes the diaphragm of the microphone and produces a unpleasing sound using a pop shield is a good old trick to control that

If you don’t have a pop shield available angling the microphone can help as well if you in a tight space

No gear can replace good technique and good placement

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