Do this before every mix and sound like a pro

it’s no secret that in to have a good book you need to have it go through editing the secret to a good book is in the edit and re edit same goes for mixing if you get the tedious and time consuming work out first you will find your mixes sound more professional before you even touch them in the mix

Good recording makes for good mixes in addition to that good editing makes for good clean sounding mixes. You need to be precise with your edit cutting out pop click pops his and unwanted noise from all tracks this is time consuming but will make a big difference in the long run doing editing inaccurate just makes everything worse 

Remove silence for your regions

Every sound that you recorded in a take through out the song will have moments of silence many time the silent region is when musician is not playing and the microphones will pick up noise even you do not hear the noise it is still good precise to cut out the silence and they will become evident once you compress the region/track adding muddiness it is much easier to mix once you hear what you really need to focus on rather then noise floor coming from the amps

Moving clips and sounds into place

Every musician in the world will have a hit or two out of place and give the music a more human feel to it but the problem come in where the hit are to much off tempo it can be distracting cut and move the sound into place you the result will make all the difference

Removing noise

Once you done with the above tasks remove unwanted noise dogs barking kids playing fans air conditioning make sure the edit sounds good on its own these issues are come often in a home studio environment and have to be dealt with

Recording hiss

Use gates and filters to remove unwanted his caused by amps little hiss is not so bad too much not so great

Plug-ins like waves z noise can lock into the noise you  don’t want and pull out the unwanted audio really helps with noise reduction and moving the process along to getting closer to what you really want from your song

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