Why Work With Me

I am not just some kid that bought equipment yesterday. I have been working in the industry since 2010. Since then I have worked with many artist and companies. some went to become number one the charts and sadly some did not. In all that time I have treated each sound as if it were my owe giving each sound the care and love it deserves and more I put all my heart and soul in to a mixing projects and try to give each mix its owe uniqueness at the same time respecting the balance of the mix. Having worked for so long in the industry I have been able to keep a consistent quality threshold witch I never drop below. I know I am not good at everything so I focus on what I’m good at witch is mixing. I have what it takes to make a great mix and clean sound. I have even be accused of being too clean at one stage of my career since then I have taken a musical approach to the mix process giving the songs what the need rather then mixing out the text book I deliver on time and will keep you involved in the process as it moves along I understand that the project is your baby and I treat it as such.i Want you to be proud of your work and want your sound to be taken seriously